infoJersey Services

infoJersey online services, provided by the American Jersey Cattle Association, help to manage and identify Jersey Cattle.

BullsEye provides an easy and effective method to search, sort and filter Jersey Bulls. This free tool can assist in your bull selections from various AI marketing organizations. Find the right bulls for your herd using BullsEye.
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Inbreeding Calculator
Use the Inbreeding Calculator to find the inbreeding percentage of an animal. Enter the American Jersey Cattle Association Registration Id for a single animal or determine the inbreeding of two animals.
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Determine Animal Registry Status
Determine Animal Registry Status provides a potential Registry Status, Jersey Cross Designation and Example Name for an animal or mating. Provide a sire, dam and sex of the offspring to view the results.
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Animal Family Tree
View up to a 5 Generation Ancestory of a recorded Jersey Cattle with the the animal family tree. Sign in to infoJersey to get additional information, more options and view up to 10 Generation Ancestory.
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Registration *
Registrer your Jersey Cattle with the American Jersey Cattle Association using the online registration form. The registration process is fast, secure and easy.
Transfer *
Transfer ownership of your Jersey Cattle. Using the simple and secure online form, provide information such as the seller, buyer and sale date.
Performance Reports *
Order performance reports online in an instant. Performance reports available online include 3 or 5 Generation Official Performance Pedigree, Performance and Progeny and Reorder Registration Certificates.
Genomics *
Order genomic test kits and view genomic reports based upon your ownership.
JerseyTags *
Shop, customize and order visual identification tags and buttons with JerseyTags.
Animal Search *
Search for Jersey Cattle recorded by the American Jersey Cattle Association and view detailed performance and progeny information.
HerdView *
HerdView provides an advanced reporting tool for your herd animals. HerdView incompases the full identification of an animal including genomic and parentage information. HerdView is only available to customers subscribed to our REAP or TPE performance programs.
JerseyMate *
Use our mating program to assist you in your Jersey Cattle mating to fit your needs. JerseyMate provides you with mating suggestions on a variety of options to suit your needs. JerseyMate is available to customers subscribed to our REAP or TPE performance programs.
Recorded Animals *
Sort, filter and display information for Jersey Cattle in your ownership.
Manage Account Information *
Manage your account information, view & print your statements, view current activity on your account, see automatic account balance information and more in one place.
Customize infoJersey *
Change your home page, set your default report type for Performance Reports selection, setup your dashboard and change your password in one location.
* Requires an account with the American Jersey Cattle Association and an infoJersey Sign In.