Determine Animal Registry Status

Use this tool to determine the AJCA registry status for an animal or mating. Enter sire and dam ID information, specify sex of the offspring and then click Submit.
  Sire Not Recorded   Clear Sire | Forms of ID to Use
  Dam Not Recorded   Clear Dam | Forms of ID to Use

This product is meant for information purposes only. Results are based upon the animal information you have submitted and AJCA Rules for Registration as of the date of this report. All results are unofficial.
July 14, 2024

How to Search for Animal

Search Modes
Search for animals using one of the following options.
  • Registration Number
  • Animal Name (Use an asterisk (*) in the name to declare a wildcard. For example you can use Jersey Cow* or Jersey* Cow or Jer*ey Cow to assist in finding an animal by name.)
  • Stud Code
  • Bull Short Name
  • Electronic Id
  • Tag or Tattoo (Only available for animals in your ownership or a sub-account ownership; requires that you be logged into your customer account on infoJersey)