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Obtain the Inbreeding Coefficient for up to five (5) individual Registered Jerseys™

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Pedigree Inbreeding: Eight generations of ancestry is used. An estimate of the percent of genes in common based on pedigree information. This estimate remains static across time unless the pedigree is modified.
Genomic Inbreeding: Requires a genotype. A direct measure of homozygosity (or genes in common) based on the DNA observed in the genotype. Values may be positive indicating degree of inbreeding or negative indicating heterosis. The zero point is the average relationship to the Jersey population as it existed in 1960.
Genomic Future Inbreeding: Requires a genotype. Estimate of inbreeding of future offspring, based on the percentage of SNPs in common with the genotyped Jersey population. This may change over time as the basis for comparison, the genotyped population, changes.
Expected Future Inbreeding: Estimate of pedigree inbreeding of future offspring when mated at random to the population.

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